In the simplest sense, NetDUB is about spending a bit of time each quarter, socialising with your fellow Networking professionals.

To be more complex about it, the plan behind NetDUB was to fill a void in Dublin’s social calendar. Whilst the majority of ‘meetings’ in the city centre on development, we’re focusing specifically on Network Engineers, Architects, Technicians, or perhaps just anyone interested in the profession.

The NetDUB events are currently being bootstrapped, and currently looking for a reoccuring venue.

We’re keen to foster good social networking, perhaps a chance to vent over a pint or two, and to throw in a little learning along the way. There’s no ‘entry requirement’ in terms of knowledge, and the event itself is free to attend (we just ask that you don’t bring any food or drink alongs).

We expect attendees to be respectful;

  • Respectful to yourself
  • Respectful to each other.
  • Respectful to your employers NDA

If you’re interested in coming along, please do subscribe to the announcements mailing list (form to the right of this text) and please do follow us on Twitter if that’s your thing.

Organisating first meeting

Since NetDUB was only started to be organised lately, the first meetup is still some time away.